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The YouTube Rangers is an internet group founded by Starman3 in 2008. The group consists of SM64 Machinimists, as well as some blooper makers, and other SM64 editors. In May 2014, OnyxKing joined the YouTube Rangers


In 2008, machinimist Starman3 decided to form a group brining several other blooper makers/and such together. The group hit a boom of popularity after recruitment was opened to ROBLOX. Since then, the YouTube Rangers have gained many famous YouTubers, including SuperMarioGlitchy4, and MarioMario54321. In July 2014 the group split up in two pieces, or more likely two factions, who both pretend to be the official YTR. One of these is led by Starman3, while the other one is led by "Cyrus", possibly due to a conflict.


Youtube Rangers is a community leaded by MarioMario54321 and Starman3. Due to fights, many members have left the group.